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"Dear Nikki

You're the best. I am all fired up now. I have been doing these parties for years and it has to be better each year. That becomes daunting.

I love your ideas and will let you know the results.

Your fan."

Ida Peterson, Washington USA

I was reading an article in the Sunday paper just the other week. It seems that more and more parents are turning away from the expensive, glitzy party entertainer and seeking out more traditional party entertainments.

In turn, children are getting excited about games that involve action, team games, mystery and fun. In this age of more solitary games in front of the computer, a party where friends can interact together and enjoy fun and laughter is a hugely enjoyable event.

Are you looking for fresh ideas to create a memorable party for your child? Would you like to create a party with traditional games that will delight and enthral your child? I’m sure you remember some of the games that you enjoyed as a child, but perhaps it is difficult to recall all the variations, and just how those games worked.

I have been planning parties for many years, almost all with traditional party games. I find that children of all ages are surprised and excited with my games. They enjoy the challenge and the teamwork that is involved with most games. Many games are active; children enjoy the chase and the activity that ensues.

Please read the testimonials that run down the side of this page. These are all genuine testimonials, written by people just like you, who have used my games at their parties. Their words will tell you how successful my party games are.

Now I have written a book with the secrets of 50 of my all time favourite children’s party games. Some of these are long time favourites that you may have played yourself. You will find variations of these old favourites, and many new games that you will have not seen before. All the games are tried and tested, with simple instructions on how to set up and the props that you require. Props are simple and inexpensive items that you will generally have around the house. Party planning has never been so easy!

With this little book, you can literally plan an entire party in half an hour. All the games you need are here. Your children will have such fun and your party will be talked about for sure.

What would you like for your party?

  • Physically active games
  • Mentally challengimng games
  • Jokes and fun games
  • Games to suit all abilities
  • Games that educate and stimulate
  • Ensure that everyone has a good time
  • Be the most organized host

and, lots more....

"Dear Nikki, your book was invaluable. The traditional games were a HUGE success. My 10 year old's party was such fun. The children laughed all afternoon.

Thank you. "

Susie Morris, Vancouver Canada

50 All Time Favourite Games

I have written this book to share my favourite games with you. It will remind you of some games that you might have played, and give you LOTS of new ideas. To have a party planner organise a set of games specifically for your party, might cost you from $200 - $500. So I reckon a giveaway price for this fantastic party game book would be $19.95.

So what's the catch? Why am I practically giving this resource away?

Well, it's really quite simple. This information can be emailed to you directly from this web site, so I have no inventory and no stock costs. I have no delivery costs, nor do I need to employ staff to fulfill your order. From my guide you will have the benefit of my party planning experience. It is my time that I charge highly for, and this guide can give you that benefit. I’m hoping to expand my party planning business by introducing more people to my games and organizational ideas.

What does the Traditional Party Game e-book contain?

Inside this book is :

  • 50 unique games
  • Active games
  • Quiet games
  • Joke games
  • Step by step instructions for setting up the games
  • List of props required for each game
  • Detailed instrictions and rules

Do you have questions? Try our FAQ page. If that doesn't answer your question, email me. My address is at the end of this letter.

AND a FREE Bonus For Ordering By

For a limited time only I am offering a very special bonus for you. You will appreciate that I cannot make this offer to everyone. Don't miss out - this is worth many $$$$$!

Free Bonus Gift: I want to know that your child's party is a great success. So I’m going to give you an email address where you can ask me any questions that you have about planning your party games. Remember, I charge my party planning time at $900 per day – and I will make time to answer your questions absolutely FREE.

I don't know how to cost the value of this bonus, but it is surely worth a lot more than $19.95 -- and it's yours absolutely free when you order by .

100% Risk-Free Guarantee:

Your success in using the Traditional Party Game Book is completely guaranteed. In fact, here's my 100% Better-Than-Risk-Free-Take-it-To-The-Bank Guarantee:


My Personal Guarantee:

guaranteeThis is the solution to planning your party game that you are looking for. I guarantee that you will have a successful, winning party.
Yes, I guarantee it.
If you follow the plans in the book, and you are not 100% convinced that this was a fantastic party game, then email me and I will refund the cost of the book. No quibbles – I know you will be happy, rest assured there is no trick or catch, You risk nothing.
You have the right to a prompt and full refund at any time – even after you have read the book and received the bonus gifts.

Is that fair enough?


Is that fair or what?

That means you can try out the games at my risk. And if you don't have a great time, I honestly want you to ask for your money back.

There is absolutely no risk whatsoever on your part. The burden to deliver is entirely on me. If you don't create a great fun party then I'm the loser, not you.

Look at it this way -- $19.95 is really a drop in the bucket compared to the money you're going to waste on other ineffective party game ideas this year. That's why...

You Really Can't Afford Not To Invest In The Traditional Party Game Book!

This product is delivered electronically. As soon as your payment is processed, you will be sent an email with a link to download the ebook. The download will take a few minutes (depending on the speed of your connection). You can be planning your party games in the next few minutes!

Get ready to throw the best party that your child will remember all year!


Nikki Wilson, Professional Party Planner

P.S. Just think! Do you want to spend $$$ on a professional party entertainer who will perform the same entertainment that your child saw at the last party. Why not create a unique, fun, and inexpensive party that will stand out as exciting and different.

P.P.S. If you have a question about this fantastic product that you would like to ask before you buy, please click here to send me an email. I’ll gladly answer your question. Check out our FAQ page which is compiled from questions that we are often asked.

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Please tell us the single biggest reason why you don't think this is the product for you. It's anonymous and we would really appreciate your feedback to help us improve.

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Read what our customers have to say about us...

"We had our party for my 9 year old daughter's birthday and 17 of her classmates last weekend! What a blast!! Everyone left saying that was the best party they have ever been to! After one team located the treasure map then we all went on the treasure hunt together and they were so excited they could hardly stand it. What fun dragging our old wooden treasure chest up to open it up and share the goodies!! Party bags, chocolate covered gold coins, silver nuggets (Hersheys kisses), necklaces and so much more!

Everything went great. Thanks again for all your help....can't wait to re-arrange the challenges and plan another one for an older group!"

Tammy Freeman, Kansas USA

"Dear Nikki, many thanks. The party is over, and the hunt went well. It was a very nice change from my usual treasure hunts. Good product. I actually bought and downloaded three different hunt games, and yours was by far the best. The calculator worked brilliantly! I changed it to match the combination on the lock which I already had, and it worked like a charm. How long did it take you to work out all the connections so every team would wind up with the same combination? Thanks again,"

Laura Gordon, Pennsylvania USA

" We had the party and the girls loved it!  I have never seen 17 18 year olds change clothes from their dresses and high heels into jeans and sweats so quickly!  It was amazing how competitive and creative in their searches they were! You provided a lot of great ideas I know we will use again. Thanks "

Jackie Hoehner, Nebraska USA

" We held our treasure hunt yesterday for my daughter's 8th birthday.  It went great and everyone had a wonderful time.  One of the mom's told me later that night that her daughter hadn't stopped talking about it!  They liked the mummy and the pea challenges as well as the tightrope and the binoculars. Thanks Again - It was great!"

Sandy Stewart, Idaho USA

" Hi Nikki, I ran a treasure hunt on the island of Guadelupe for my mothers sixtieth birthday party, I incorporated locals into the challenges and buried a case of French champagne under water at the end of a dock. It was a big success. Lots of fun "

Ian Kellett, Montana USA

" Hello Nikki, The Treasure Hunt I had for my son's ninth birthday was incredible fun. It was worth paying to download your guide to give me ideas for how to structure the hunt. It ended up being complicated but inexpensive compared to other activities like laser tag. Anyway, it was a huge success. We had a total RSVP response from his class probably because the party promised to be different. These guys go to birthdays constantly so anything different sticks out.

It was worth the cost to download, and I appreciate your help in making a great and memorable party. "

Tim Burn, Maryland USA

" Hi Nikki, Thanks for all the information and ideas. My son (8y.o.) had his party here yesterday and it went beautifully. I was pleasantly surprised that it took them an hour to do the hunt - I thought they would race through. There were ten boys and they are very sporting and competitive, so this appealed to their competitive nature but took the sporting bit out of it, which was what I wanted.

Thank you for all your help. I am doing the Easter party at school for the children I teach - 5 year olds - adapted a bit as there will be a lot of them. I am also doing it for my nieces and nephews in Australia when we visit them at Easter."

Naomi Gist, Hong Kong China

" I love how you have it setup. I'll be using it at a family reunion that I'm hosting this summer. There'll be a bunch of people in their teens and older. I think it'll be a great activity for everyone to participate in!

You've done a fantastic job setting it up to work for just about any scenario. Thanks again for your assistance! I'll be sure to recommend this product to others and I'll let you know how it goes at the family reunion."

Gina Gustafson, Minneapolis USA

" Hi Nikki, The party went well. There were ten, 11 and 12 year old girls. I stayed with the instructions in your book almost exactly as I downloaded your book the morning of the party. Every challenge and puzzle was perfect for their age and ability and I had every prop around the house.

I am sure I will be able to use your book for years to come. Thanks "

Diane Brahams, California USA

" Had a treasure hunt for my girlfriend taking us all over the city of Scottsdale and back to our place for romance. We're both kids at heart and loved the ideas you put together. Thanks for making it available online -- quick for me, easy to use, and of high quality.

I plan on using the other ideas in the future -- thank you."

David Jackemeyer, Arizona USA

" Just a quick reply. It took about 2 hours for the boys to go through the station and find the treasure - they had a lot of fun. I look forward to doing another treasure hunt for another party down the road. Thanks"

Mortimer Howard, California USA

" Hi Nikki, I received the download and I've read it about 4 times now.  I'm really excited to plan my daughter's party.  I think it will be lots of fun.  I don't know what I would have done if I hadn't found your website.  Your planner is so well thought out and helpful."

Melissa West, Utah USA

" Hello Nikki I have just had my daughter's party and it was a great success. I only had 8 little girls and instead of breaking them into teams they all went around together. Best wishes"

Maria Drury, Vaud Switzerland

" We had a great party! I had a BBQ cum treasure hunt for my daughter's birthday. They went crazy all over the place and were so excited to find the treasure. They all had a great time, thank you!

Thanks and will definitely consult you again if I need any more help."

Sin Fun Tham, Singapore

"The party was really fun.  All the girls loved it and we can't wait to do it again!!"

Leslie Leopard, Alabama USA

" Dear Nikki, I loved the book it gave me wonderful ideas! I hope you come out with a sequel, because I bet it will rock! "

Sent Anonymously

"The treasure hunt was great. Now we have been requested to do a city wide treasure hunt to raise money for a scholarship fund. My children had a ball and so did I (I may have had more fun than them). This will absolutely be an annual event for us. The original reason for it was because we don't celebrate Halloween and I wanted my children to get some candy and have an opportunity to dress up in a controlled situation. They love the idea. I found a great pirate mask and scared a few of the younger children but my older kids thought it was hilarious. Thanks for everything and keep the updates coming "

Donna Benn, Florida USA

"Nikki, It was a huge success!!! Never thought a bunch of 17 year old soccer players could love something so much- We are at our Regional Championships and playing in the final tomorrow so something must have worked! Will send a picture when I get home "

Patty Seitz, New Jersey USA

" Thank you for this excellent product. We had the party on Saturday and it was fantastic. I live in France so had to translate it and we did a Harry Potter theme.  For the code, we sent the kids to a computer where they typed in the code and then a powerpoint presentation sent them to the kitchen for the treasure. It was really brilliant fun and I know we'll be doing it all again soon! Thanks again, "

Alex Laurie, Eure et Loir France

"What a great game - it was as much fun for the organizer as it was for the players. Everyone had a ball"

Verity Brinkworth , Bristol England.

" Dear Nikki, The treasure hunt was a great success. The children enjoyed themselves from beginning to end and for the first time nobody squabbled! The layout is very clear and nobody had any trouble following it. I bought a little treasure chest for next to nothing and filled it with chocolate pennies. At the end several of the kids said that my parties were always the best so please take all the credit! Do you have any other party suggestions? Many thanks for a great day "

Ann Germain-Hansford St Marcellin France.

"Hi Nikki, It all went very well. It seemed easy, and when you have the planner in front of you it is straight forward. However without the planner I really don't think I'd have been able to do it. Thank you"

Russell Holman, Essex UK.

"Nikki, What a fantastic help your material has been. I got so motivated by it yesterday that I did most of my decision making and planning in one morning!

Thanks a million for offering to send the spreadsheet in a form that works for me. You're the best!"

Kim Bickel, Indianapolis USA

" Thanks for your hints we are using this for a Xmas party and it gave me some great ideas "

Kathy Henry, Melbourne Australia

"Nikki, Thanks for such great ideas. I found your site via and ordered the supplies Halloween morning for a party starting 5:30 that evening.
After setting up the haunted house, cleaning, and preparing the food we had about 35 minutes to plan. Even with such little time to plan the kids went home smiling and telling their parents they had a good time. We didn't get a chance the bury treasure but plan to for our daughter's birthday in the spring. Thanks for a great product and can I email you for ideas for our spring birthday party? Thanks again."

Sidney Ricks, California USA

"I read through the Treasure Hunt Party Game thoroughly and made the necessary copies, bought any needed materials, and the party soon got underway.
I made up a great map using your ideas and buried a treasure in the yard. The kids LOVED the hunt and we made the treasure map quite detailed and fun for them.
Thanks for your help!"

Faye Farley, Ohio USA

"Thank you Nikki for helping me with my hunt. Everything went great. "

Vikki Moore, Ohio USA

"I had my treasure hunt last weekend over Halloween --it went very well --we used the eye ball (ping pong) task and the mummy toilet paper task --among others --the clue that I broke up into puzzle parts worked very well - even for 6 year olds! I have a winter birthday coming up for an 11 year old -- do you have any theme ideas?? - we have lots of snow here.....Thanks"

Holly Cluse, Vermont, USA

"We had our picnic with our treasure hunt on Saturday. We had it at a public lake so we had the obstacle of other people. It just made it more interesting. I was very amazed on how smooth the game went once it was all set up. I had seven teams with ages varying between 4 and 45 and 4 helpers. The hunt was thoroughly enjoyed by all. I used the games in your game set with a few alterations. Below is a picture of the Egyptian mummy game. This was so funny to watch the teams. Everyone had a great time especially the team who won the treasure box with 500 loonies in it!!!!

Thanks for the great game."

Jane Jones, Ontario Canada

" Thank you so much for offering this  ebook. I love the treasure hunt book and I am working feverously on a party for next week. Thank you so much "

Jane Porpora, New York USA

"Hi Nikki, We had a great Treasure Hunt for my daughter’s 11 year old party. We had five teams and I had two other grown-ups helping me. I did the pea challenge, the balancing on a rope, a general knowledge quiz, the backward clues quiz, a memory game and a beat the buzzer game, some they found more challenging than others. The treasure map I hid inside a balloon and mixed it in with lots of other balloons so they had to pop them all to find the map, I had also hidden the bag of balloons.
The treasure map was then found and the hunt for the chest started - it was located up a tree.
They all had great fun, the weather stayed dry and the bags of gold coins for the treasure box were appreciated. What a great idea, I shall certainly keep it for using again."

Louise Ross, Glasgow Scotland

"Thought you might enjoy a few pictures of our daughter's 16th's birthday celebration. We combined a masquerade ball with your treasure hunt party game which turned out to be a good combination for our group of young people. It turned out a lot of fun and I heard many positive remarks during the evening about the treasure hunt.

Blessings from the Smith House"
Patricia Smith, Oklahoma USA

"Once we got started, it went pretty smoothly. I had teams of one adult and one kid, and I mixed them up, so usually the parent didn't get their own kid. I thought that would help the neighbors get to know other people's kids a little better. Everyone had lots of fun and much laughter was heard. The only thing I regret is not having it all in the same room, because some of the tasks were quite funny! The tasks were a bit of a challenge because I had to configure them so that all can participate (we had ages from 2 to 54). So some tasks were better done by the small kids and some tasks were better done by the adults. All in all, I was very pleased and am looking forward to planning my a treasure hunt for my daughter's birthday party in two weeks, which means I better get cracking now! Thank you very much, that was $30 well spent."

Patricia Smith, Oklahoma USA

" I really appreciate the game. We used the game for youth church activity. The group ranging from 12- 18 years old had a fun time together. The puzzle pieces had a riddle on it that led them to the key to the treasure chest. We had a wonderful time. "

Justin Peters, Massachusetts USA

"Dear Nikki, The hunt was a GREAT success! It took the kids over an hour to get through it, and they all had a really good time. Digging up the treasure was so exciting!
Thanks for all your input, it was priceless, even if I never did a treasure hunt again your book was worth the money spent! (but OF COURSE we'll be using it again and again, now we'll be professionals before you know it!)
I'll keep you posted on our next one..."

Ciao from Italy, Fabrizia

"Many thanks for your help and quick response - they are good suggestions."

Beth Brake, Pennsylvania USA

"What a wonderful treasure hunt, super fun, really well organized, great activities included. I played the game with my seven year old nephew, Jack, and three strangers. We ended up great friends ( and the winning team!) A wonderful game."

Fran Martin , Macon, France

"The party was a huge success. Everyone really enjoyed it. We hid the treasure in the house in a chest that had a lock on it. I gave them a key along with the map, it took them quite a while to find it. It was great. They mostly liked the stations and games that were played there. I made the pirate beach station out by the pool and incorporated the walking the plank game into the pool area.

Thanks for was well worth the money."

Kelly Coulter, California USA

"Hey Nikki, I organized the treasure hunt last weekend and it was a great success.

My planning was based out of your Treasure Hunt download and made some little changes here and there to suit our theme. I had 24 people from ages 8-60 and this was played at a large park area.

Great fun...

I owe the success of the game to you. It was very well planned out and in good detail. I am planning to organize another treasure in the near future and I am excited.

I am now addressed as Mr. Treasure Hunt...:) Thanks"

Raidu Rayasam, Massachusetts USA

"I did enjoy all the bits I did, I was needed to do the puzzle."

James aged 6, Macon, France

" Had the party! Ran the treasure hunt - and our guests had a GREAT time! Still getting comments about it! Sorry I don't have any photos... the 'mummy' wrap was hilarious!"

Gary Locke, California USA

" This is just a quick note to let you know everything went well. We did make a few changes to your plan like you suggested, but followed most everything else. The kids had a great time and we may try something with the adult students this spring or summer. I’m sending you some photos too. "

David Campbell, Hokkaido Japan

"Our treasure hunt took place last weekend and was a success. The book helped a lot and everyone was impressed with the logistics of the game. Thank you for a well designed book. "

Patrick Racine, Ontario Canada

"I wanted to let you know that the treasure hunt was a big success. For us, the part we liked the most was that there was very little reading required, as we hosted 5 and 6-year olds! We also played the pairs game in your 10-best games because we had some kids from the new school and some kids from the old school. Thanks for the great ideas!"

Linda Coerr, North Carolina USA

" Ian, thanks for the prompt response we managed to download the stuff and the bunch of 6 year olds loved running round our garden looking for the clues, thanks a lot"

Debbie Faint, Cheshire England

"The treasure hunt is done and the kids had fun. Your suggestions were very good and I think we will do another treasure hunt in the future with our other kids. "

Toni Hudson, Texas USA

"Dear Nikki, The treasure hunt was a great success. I planned it for my niece's 9th birthday party and had the kids all running everywhere in the house. They loved it. The kids all talked about it in school days after the party. I planned the whole hunt in 3 days and it didn't take long at all with your help. Thank you so much for a memorable birthday for my niece. And it was so much fun planning it too. "

Cindy Lindsey, Michigan USA

"Everyone enjoyed themselves and said it was the best party ever. Thank you for treasure hunt pack, it was really worth it."

Jaya Shankar, Middlesex, UK

"Dear Nikki, Thank you - we had the party yesterday for my son's 10th birthday. All of the kids seemed to enjoy it very much. Thanks again"

Katja Walker, Sydney Australia

"Hi Nikki.  The treasure hunt was a success.  The treasure map was a lot of fun to do and really turned out great - we used the tea idea to age it and used a lighter to burn the edges.  I'm going to save it as a keepsake for my kids. I would DEFINITELY do this again - I'm thinking of planning one for adults this summer. "

Karen Hayward, Toronto Canada

"The treasure hunt went really well - especially the challenges.  Of course the losing team had to do a forfeit, we dressed them in Santa outfits and the rest of us were their reindeer - the forfeit was that Father Christmas had to go to the nearest post box and post his travel receipts back to Lapland and ask the first passer by if they could take a photograph of us all as proof that father Christmas had been to Croydon Surrey England - we did it, but not before mum and dad had run off into a neighbour’s garden to avoid all possible chance meetings with anyone they knew!"

Nick Wahla, Croydon England

" Yes, we have had our treasure hunt. I don't know what I was looking for when I purchased your book....However it did help. I put the kids (age 7-13) into three teams. We used the stations where the teams had to go and complete a task as a team to earn clues. Each team had to figure out their clues to find their party goody bags. So the kids had a good time and it took them about 1 1/2hrs to do it. My daughters 12th birthday turned out nice... "

Kathleen Noriega, Arizona USA

"Thanks to your book, my daughter's 12th birthday party was a great success.  I followed your guidance step by step. "

Chiaki Yasuda , Virginia USA

"I used the Pirate Hunt Game and not only did the kids have a fantastic time, I had a great time doing it. It really was excellent and my family thought I was so creative"

Michelle Caragol, Colorado, USA

"Dear Nikki, I wanted to give you a review of our party last Saturday. It was a real hit, all the boys had a great time. We had 8 boys ages 11 and 12 over for our twin’s 11th birthday party. We gave instruction to bring their bikes to the party as they were to search within our housing development for clues, the map, and treasure. The invitations were hand delivered on brown paper sacks to look like treasure maps.
We included many of your games; Pea and straw, toilet paper wrap, word puzzle, rope walk, we added – name the landmark game with pictures of US national landmarks as an educational station.
Our map was hidden by our community pool under a bench in a poster tube. It led them to an undeveloped lot that had 3 piles of dirt. There was an actual X taped onto one of the piles of dirt. We spray painted a Styrofoam cooler black and glued a latch for the combination lock to hold. The boy’s party favors were in the treasure chest which included a flashlight, movie gift card and some candy!
My wife and I did the whole thing with each of us taking one team (4 boys). Thanks again for the great kit as it made the process very easy. We had a fun time in planning the whole event. The combination twist is a very clever thing!"

Mark Miserak, Texas USA

"Hi Nikki, We had the hunt last night with about 25 10 and 12 year old girls, It was a little chaotic but they had fun. "

Jennifer Honeycutt, North Carolina USA

"Hi Nikki! Well, let me tell you what a success our children/adult Halloween party was!!!! Everyone (and I mean everyone) is still telling me how awesome the treasure hunt was. Last year we tried doing it ourselves, and even though the kids had fun running around our 5 acres, it could in NO WAY compare to this years!! Since we did have some difficulty with pay pal at first, it delayed our creative time, but thanks to your book, we pulled it off! We're inspired to have an adult treasure hunt party next, it's such a great idea. I did give a couple of my friends your e-mail hopefully you'll hear from them. Good luck in the future.... Thanks again. "

Monet and Kris Storkersen, California USA

"Hi Nikki! I just wanted to give you a report back on how the treasure hunt went.

The kids had a ball! I got some really great ideas from your book about what to do at the ports. I have a request out to our family for people to send me any pictures they took. I'll send you one if I get a cute one. "

Susan Cotter, Minnesota USA

"It worked out well for our ecumenical church congregational life day here in the Whistler mountains of British Columbia. I even adapted the stations to be various spot where St Paul journeyed on his travels - and it was all well received by everyone of all ages. The treasure was our birthday cake and ice cream - after the build up I think the kids wanted more.

Thanks again for making it available online."

William Roberts, British Colombia Canada

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Some of the events where the game has been played...

Annual corporate Christmas Party in a ski resort. Our theme this year is Pirates and Wenches. 40 people all adult..drinkers...
A large crowd of all ages - about 200!! kids and adults.
Our twin boys' 11th birthday party - 8 boys in all; 10-11 years in age.
Company picnic for 80 adults on Angel Island in the middle of the San Francisco Bay.
My daughters' 13th birthday. The party will be around our pool, and we have about 15 acres of lawn to use. BBQ and swimming. About 30 kids, and 20 parents.
Back To School - Treasure Hunt in my backyard for neighbors, family, and friends. I plan to turn the treasure hunt into an annual community event.
My 50th birthday - guests age from 9 - 71 years old!
My daughter's 8th birthday.
My daughters 11th birthday, in the local park.
My son's birthday, we had 10 boys ages 9-12.
An elementary school K-5th. Our attendance is roughly 500-600 kids.
Birthday party for my son who will be turning 9 in December. We are planning on having the party at the Embassy Suites Hotel so the kids can swim etc.
A birthday party for my soon to be 7 year old son. He had a pirate treasure hunt in our back yard last year (maps, buried treasure, etc), and this year he wants to do a hunt based on the movie National Treasure with Nicholas Cage.
A Masquerade Ball celebrating our youngest daughter's 16th birthday. The party is being held at Kerr Mansion.
40 of my friends this weekend
A very big party in our hostel. The participation might vary from 50-60 people at a time.
Part of a larger fundraising event for Orphans of Aids Victims in Africa. I have a 60 acre piece of property with about 5 acres of woods with trails etc.
During our Island Packet Sailboat Rendezvous. The treasure hunt is on Saturday when we have a sailboat race, however, not everyone wants to participate in the race. I am using the game to fill some of the time for those who choose not to be in the race.
We are planning a girls 12 yr. old party using only things in nature with a medieval fantasy theme.
I am planning to use the treasure hunt for our annual family reunion.
I am planning a picnic for our church group, and it will be over 100 people there. We are having it at a local park and will have access to it only 1 hr before people will start arriving. The park is a large grass area with a shelter in the middle
My brother's 40th birthday bash.
For my boss's children and cousins. They will be doing this in Maui at a hotel I have never been to.
A 4 year old birthday party at a water park. We are going to do a pirate treasure hunt in a wooded area nearby with a creek etc.
A company party. There are about 15 employees and their families-so a total of about 30 people. In a park and have all ages participate---mix it up a little so people get to know each other.
50th birthday party. 40 confirmed guests (20yrs.old to 60 yrs. old) In the back yard.
Company picnic with a "Pirates of the Carribbean" theme. We will have about 100 people, children and adults.
The theme is team building, for a group of managers. So, they are all adults, and are typically VERY competitive. There will be about 40 people involved.
My Mothers 50th birthday.... we love to dance, drink some and are wild....
For 14-15 year olds and a few adults to transport each team. A citywide hunt (we live in a small town) and will last several hours.
A staff & family barbecue for this weekend. It is being held at a park site with a lake. The age of the guests range from 3 to 65.
A pool party - for adults. We are all parents of high schoolers so we are between 45 - 55.
A performing arts camp and the theme for the camp is journeys/adventures.
Every year, we rent a house with friends for a week at a time with our families. This year we will be in Lake George, NY in the third week of August. There will be seven adults and seven children (from 6 yrs old to 10 years old).
A party for church staff and leadership and their families: 6 months to 65 years.
My son's 10th birthday party in September. I had found a great site near us, on a small peninsula on Sydney Harbour.
A company picnic. We usually have around 175 people there with ages ranging from 0-70.
My husband and I are throwing a b-b-q for some people that were very involved with the relandscaping of our yard. It'll pretty much be all adults, with the exception of a few little ones (3 and under).
This is for our local insurance association. We have a scavenger hunt every year. Age range is from 20 to 65.
It is for my daughter's 7th birthday party on 3rd July and we are expecting 14 (maybe 15) children between the ages of 6 1/2 and 7 1/2.
I am doing a treasure hunt for a bunch of 17 year old soccer players as a team bonding event before they leave to compete in a Regional tournament.
I am having a Slumber Party for 8 teenage girls.
It's a first year customer appreciation party for a tanning-hair salon.
I am organizing a kids event for our church (this Saturday). I am looking at 40 to 60 k- 5th grade children...
I am planning a strawberry picking party for my 7 year old.
My daughter's 13th birthday party with a pirate theme (she loves Pirates of the Caribbean
Our annual family vacation at a beach house. The house is directly on the beach. Ages 9 - 70.
The party is being held on Memorial day week-end, at a local park, for well over 100 people.
Our neighbourhood has a Ladies Bunco group. Each June, we host a poolside party which has a theme. This year, our theme is Pirates. The ages of the women are from 30 to 50.
Our party is a Memorial Day weekend party. It is held lakeside.
We are planning the hunt the last day of school for my 11 yr old daughter. There will be 10-15 children there for the hunt.
A children's event to celebrate/kick-off our capital stewardship campaign for our new "family center." We'll have children from Kindergarten up to 6th grade.
Birthday party for my grandson and his friends ages 10-12, We live on the side of a mountain with steep slopes, lots of stone steps, a creek, a large goldfish pond and lots of good places to hide things. The party is an annual occasion.
Church social, most guests are 25 to about 45.
My Best Friends Birthday: ages 21-70
The cub scouts: 100-150 kids!
Family reunion, ~30 people, mix of adults and families, at sister's home in rural Wisconsin, plenty of woods and indoor space.
Our youth group of approx 15 teenagers in a church hall.
My daughter will be turning 8 and we are planning a slumber party.
Girl Scout Day Camp. Our theme this year is "Treasure Grove". We plan to use various activities throughout the week referencing this theme.
4th grade birthday party at a lake with a large sandy beach area and a covered pavilion.
Youth group at church: a small group consisting of stair step ages (don't think I even have 2 the same age).

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